Projects - SMEC NRI IT Park

The city of pearls, Hyderabad, in the yesteryears was once known for its scrumptious cuisine emulating the Nawabi lifestyle. But today , the capital city of Andhra Pradesh has risen to fame due to its emerging IT revolution. NRIs from overseas are swarming the city which is rated by the US based International Market Research Report, as the fourth fastest growing city in the world.

It is the endeavor of a US-based Small and Medium Enterprises Consortium (SMEC) to create a world class facility that supports the opertions that is comparable with the facilities enjoyed by the large corporations.

It was the brainwave of the SMEC to create an unparalleled IT infrastructure which shall cater to the needs of over 200 to 500 companies who are keen to establish their base offices and Software development centers in Hyderabad.

The IT park shall be gradually constructed in multiple phases over 500 to 600 acres of land having the following facilities for the companies :

  • There would be an enterprising Business District with about 4 Million Sqft of Office Space , a convention center and an International Star Hotel
  • The IT park would soon boast of a self sufficient residential District with about 6000 apartments (12 Million Sqft), 1M sqft of Row Houses, 1M sqft of independent houses along with a club house .
  • To make the park complete , a busy but posh market place shall be there which will have all the shopping complexes and entertainment center etc. for the employees of the companies.
  • Last but not the least, the main focus would be on a distinctive Education Center with State of art schools and Training institutes.

The enterprising consultancy group McKinsey , has wisely estimated that by 2008 India's software, services and IT outsourcing industry would be worth $ 70 billion annually. It is hoped that in the next 2-3 years about 1 lakh indirect jobs are created in this process by employing four million people and contributing 7 percent to the Gross National Product.