About Us

Elite Entrepreneurs of Software Industry from the various parts of the globe, particularly from the United States of America have grouped together and formed the consortium, in order to address the common needs of the SME companies.

Consortium may be defined as a local agglomeration of the enterprises including both small & medium enterprises which are producing and selling a range of related and complementary software services.

The consortium will have about 300 companies ranging from an average of USD 5 Million to USD 100 Million. The members of the consortium will abide by the constitution and the executive officers will be appointed by the board of Trustees to run the operations.

The consortium can form as a bridge between Global enterprises and their needs so as to create a work to export services and goods. Our target is to create more employment opportunities for the both skilled and unskilled labor, direct or indirect.

Policy Development

The consortium can help the organizations in developing business policies that serve as a framework for the sustainable development.

Best Practice

To demonstrate the business contribution to sustainable development and share best practices among the members.

Global Outreach 

Help members to reach out for global business.


To support the businesses to operate, innovate and grow in a world, increasingly shaped by the development issues.

Companies in the consortium offer jobs in a number of fields such as IT, accounting, recruiting, BPO, sales and lots more. In order to develop various sectors like agriculture, rural health etc, the consortium also wishes to setup an information center with the active participation of the government.