SMEC join hands with TechServe Alliance

About SMEC : SMEC is dedicated to assisting IT consulting companies in their businesses. From supporting IT consulting companies in delivery of services, fostering collaboration, minimizing credit risk, and sharing of best practices, SMEC is committed to preserving and enhancing the IT consulting business model.

About TechServe AllianceTechServe Alliance is a collaboration of IT services firms, clients, consultants and suppliers dedicated to advancing excellence and ethics within the IT services industry. TechServe Alliance's many proprietary products and services are built upon the collective knowledge, buying power, and action of hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of affiliated professionals, enhancing efficiency and supporting member companies in their delivery of best-in-class IT services to clients.

Since its formation 22 years ago, TechServe Alliance has also served as the voice of the IT Staffing and Solutions industry before policymakers. From it annual legislative conference in Washington, DC to daily monitoring of congressional activities, TechServe Alliance has had a highly successful record of representing industry interests. From creation of the Computer Professional Exemption under the Fair Labor Standards Act to testifying and advancing legislation on L-1B abuse that puts IT consulting firms at a competitive disadvantage, TechServe Alliance has been a forefront of many legislative and public policy battles.

SMEC and TechServe Alliance are again taking up the gauntlet on behalf of the industry interests on the H-1B Visa Issue. Since the abusive and burdensome tactics of USCIS, DOL and the consulates began, both TechServe Alliance and SMEC have been actively and independently engaged in efforts to change policy and practice. Through its representatives, TechServe Alliance has communicated the industry's grievances at the highest levels within DHS. However, much work remains to be done. We need you to join us at the Immigration Summit.

At the Summit, industry leaders will explore specific steps to combat anti-immigrant and protectionist actions emanating from the USCIS, DOL, and Dept. of State including:

  • Lobbying Efforts before Congress
  • Efforts underway to change USCIS Policy
  • Potential Creation of a Legal Defense Fund
  • Specific actions to raise industry standards; encourage rigorous compliance with rules
  • Potential Creation of IT Consulting Company Certification

New Special Guest Speaker: Prakash Khatri, Esq., former USCIS Ombudsman who is familiar with the inner workings of the agency.

We need your voice, participation and ideas. If you do not take action to protect your business, who will?

Please join SMEC and TechServe Alliance on October 10th in taking action to protect your business and preserve the IT consulting industry.

The Registration Deadline for the Immigration Summit  SMEC members is September 30, 2009. Registration fee for SMEC members is $295 for the Immigration Summitafter receiving a $200 discount (40%).

For additional information on the Immigration Summit including a detailed agenda please click here. To register for the Immigration Summit please visit Summit registration or call (732) 648-4039

We look forward to welcoming you to the Immigration Summit on October 10th.


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